The Ultimate Flea Market in France – Les Puces du Canal

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Les Puces du Canal - Lyon, France

On Saturday mornings growing up, my mom and grandmother would regularly go “garage-saleing” and often times I was required to go as well. It wasn’t so bad if I came out with a new beanie baby or perhaps a doodle bear (remember those?) but most times, everything just looked like dusty junk. Why in the world would anyone waste their time rummaging through someone’s old stuff??? Fast forward 20 years, and my grandmother would be … Read More

Perhaps the cutest village in France?

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Cutest village in France eguisheim

Unlike most of our other trips, I did practically no research before we arrived in Colmar, France. I just happened to stumble upon the village of Eguisheim while reading reviews for our Airbnb. A quick google search for “Eguisheim” confirmed that it had been voted one of “France’s 10 most enchanting towns” by the Huffington Post and the “2013 Village préféré des Français” (favorite French village). It was only a 15 minute drive from Colmar so visiting … Read More

Mountain Biking near Munster, France

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You know your weekend is bound for good things when it starts with a rainbow! For our anniversary we decided to visit Colmar, France for both the charming scenery as well as the great mountain biking throughout the Alsace region. We ended up mountain biking near Munster, France in the Vosges mountains about 30 minutes from Colmar. We were up early, packed up our bikes and left Colmar driving towards Munster. We picked up some … Read More

Visiting Colmar, France – how charming!

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Visiting Colmar, France

To celebrate our anniversary we decided on visiting Colmar, France. We had heard it was an adorable town with excellent mountain biking nearby and only a 3 hour drive from Leysin. Hard to argue with that! It definitely lived up to all expectations and I hope to visit this area again soon! Colmar, France sits 45 minutes north of Basel, Switzerland and 45 minutes west of Freiburg, Germany. The town is situated in on the … Read More

A childhood dream come true! Our stay at the Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort

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Did you ever see the movie “Swiss Family Robinson”? If you haven’t, it’s about a family from Switzerland who are chased by pirates and become shipwrecked on an island on their way to New Guinea. They build a ginormous treehouse tricked out with all sorts of gadgets and take in an elephant and monkey as pets. And that sums up my childhood dream. Well, minus the shipwrecked pirates bit. So when we came across the … Read More

Riding Elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Riding Elephants: We officially checked this off of the bucket list! I knew this was something I wanted us to do in Thailand so I did my research far in advance. Once I started googling “riding elephants in Chiang Mai”, I quickly realized that this practice could be very harmful for the elephants so I sought an ethical company concerned with the well-being of the elephants. After reading hundreds of TripAdvisor reviews we decided on … Read More

A trip back in time – Visiting Sukhothai, Thailand

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Our second stop in Thailand, following Bangkok, was Sukhothai. We were warned in advance that this ancient city was off the beaten path for our planned itinerary, but visiting Sukhothai, Thailand was a highlight of our honeymoon! There is only one airport in Sukhothai and it is managed by Bangkok Air. If you’re planning on visiting Sukhothai from Bangkok, you must either: This site provides more detail on the various options. We were picked up … Read More

The Jim Thompson House and the Snake Farm – Bangkok, Thailand

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Day 3 of our honeymoon trip began by meeting our good friend, Viwan, who I work with in Switzerland. She was home visiting her family in Bangkok for the Winter holidays and graciously volunteered to be our wonderful tour guide for the day. And by the end of the day, we were whooped! Since we had already toured the Grand Palace and Wat Pho (read more about that here) she decided to take us to … Read More