Weekend getaway to Gelterkinden, Switzerland

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This past weekend, we visited our friends Aaron & Gabriela in their quaint little village of Gelterkinden in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. It was so nice to get off the mountain and have a change of scenery.  We jumped on the cog train in Leysin at 17:00 on Friday, and 4 hours and 5 trains later, we had made it to “Gelty.” Considering we were traveling with mountain bikes and gear, it wasn’t too bad of a trip. And it was well worth it!

The view from their window (above).

We spent Saturday morning mountain biking through the forest in the rain. And Aaron may have put us to shame.


We spent that afternoon with some of their friends in downtown Basel. We grilled some veggies, a pork tenderloin and even some bacon-wrapped hotdogs. It felt like home!  They taught us to play Kubb, a Viking Chess game from Sweden which is played with wooden blocks. It looks a little like this…

Kubb_BBQIt’s addictive and we now must have a set of our own! For Kubb rules, click here. We also played some good ol’ Cornhole, Ping-Pong and  another new game, “Run-around Ping-Pong,” which looked a little something like this…

Oh yes, and then we taught our new friends the game of Flip Cup… which we proceeded to play with wine. I’m glad that we were able to pass on one of our classier American pastimes. 🙂

On Sunday morning, we decided to take another mountain bike stroll to knock the edge off of the Flip Cup. We went through a beautiful nature reserve in Talweiher. After a few wrong (or rather unknown) turns and several hours later, we resorted to pushing our bikes. Needless to say, Kelley may have not been 100% ready in his flip-flops! Nonetheless, it was a great day! Thank you Aaron & Gabriela!


Aaron and Gabriela

Aren't we cute? And sweaty.




2 Comments on “Weekend getaway to Gelterkinden, Switzerland”

  1. Oh this was fun to look at! But it’s hard to tell if it’s actually that pretty there or it’s just your picture taking skills!

    I would like to know more about this Viking chess game! Sounds like a perfect berry game. I could introduce it to Cec!

    And the runnin ping pong game is hysterical and you burn calories! That’s gotta be great!

    Keep it coming!

    Love you miss you!

    1. Ging, it was so much fun! I added some links above that include the rules of Kubb and what a complete set looks like. I could totally see it becoming a tournament style game for students at Berry. Had it not gotten dark, we would’ve played for hours… So I’m thinking if we make our own set, we’ll add some glow-in-the-dark paint! I’ll call you soon 🙂 Love you miss you!

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