Evian, France & Le Locle, Switzerland

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Audi TT 2000

It was an amazing weekend to say the least! We purchased a new car, drove to Evian, France for dinner, mountain biked 18 miles and 4100 feet of elevation gain AND got engaged. I think we were rather productive. 🙂

Here’s what it looked like from our end…
First off… we got a new car! Well old, but new to us!


We took her for a spin over to Evian, France. The sunset over Lake Geneva was fabulous.


And then you have Kelley embracing the Casino and being eaten by a giant troll head.
The next day we drove to Le Locle, Switzerland.


First, we had to fit our 2 29″ bikes into the back of our car. After taking both tires, both sets of pedals and both handlebars off, they FIT!


We took off on trail 754 that runs along the Doubs River, which is the border of France and Switzerland. It was absolutely stunning.


And so was my ENGAGEMENT ring! He picked the absolute perfect spot and the perfect ring. FYI… I said “YES!”

DoubsRiver2 Saut-du-Doubs-waterfall

Bikes_doubeRiver LeLocle_TunnelsWildGoat

And to top off the day we ran into this guy and his brother in the middle of the trail. Had I not gotten so excited with my “EEEEKKKK” we may have been able to get a few more pictures. Next time I’ll try to keep my mouth shut.




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