Mountain Biking in Zermatt, Switzerland

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Just beautiful! Zermatt, Switzerland

To celebrate our good friend Avery’s birthday, we took off towards Zermatt, Switzerland early Saturday morning. Kelley grabbed this Coke at the gas station so it was bound to be a good day…. right?


After parking in Tasch (Zermatt is a carless city), we took the train into Zermatt and another up to Gornergrat, the starting point for our MTB ride.

Zermatt TrainGornergrat to Zermatt4some_Zermatt

Unfortunately, this downhill course was a little too advanced for my skill level as demonstrated in THIS video…

So what does one do when they crash and burn at the VERY beginning of the day? Take the train back down to Zermatt and enjoy good food, wine and the view!

Ahhhhh, the Rösti… The closest thing to Waffle House this side of the Atlantic. Scattered, smothered, covered,  and chunked. With a fried egg on top. I think crashing may have been worth it for this meal alone.

Rosti Zermatt Zermatt WindowThose flowers! I may be turning into my mother….

Zermatt Flowers


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