The Amalfi Coast – Our Holiday in Southern Italy

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Ravello Italy

Our charming driver, Gianluca, picked us up in Pompeii at 9am. We drove over the Sorrento Peninsula towards the far (Eastern) end of the Amalfi coast and made our first stop in Ravello, home of the Villa Rufolo. Chances are, if you’ve seen a picture of the Amalfi Coast, it was most likely taken there!

Ravello Italy

Ravello Italy

The little town was surprisingly quiet. We walked through the square, admired the extremely expensive pottery (which apparently Oprah had purchased a few pieces) and met back at the van to head towards the actual city of Amalfi.

Ravello Plates

The main road that travels down this coast was not for the faint of heart! Narrow roads combined with hairpin turns should be reserved for local drivers! We were thankful to have hired a private driver (a luxury we would normally never splurge on) who could weave in and out of the traffic and curse in the perfect Italian accent went necessary. Amalfi was one of the busier locations on the coast because the Charter buses actually have parking available. Kelley and I decided to walk out of the city centre to take a look at the ‘local’ life. Kids no older than 10 had just been released for their lunch break and I couldn’t believe the number of them we saw smoking. Different culture I suppose.  The beach in Amalfi was quite nice but I wouldn’t recommend staying there overnight. There were just too many people. And we were there in October so I would hate to see it in the summer!

The beach in Amalfi:

Amalfi Italy Beach

Amalfi Italy Beach

Amalfi Italy

Amalfi Lizard

The Amalfi Duomo di Sant’Andrea Apostolo

Amalfi Italy Church

Amalfi Vespa

Our next stop was lunch in Postitano. On the way, we stopped at San Pietro, a 5 star hotel dangling off the side of a cliff. The hotel had even built an elevator through the stone so that their guests could enjoy the manmade beach far below.

San Pietro 5 star hotel

We arrived at La Tagliata for a late lunch and it was a good thing we were hungry because they served up a feast!  It was practically all you could eat and drink for 25 euros each. The restaurant serves their daily menu family style. First, the aperitivos were brought out. We devoured the various appetizer dishes thinking that this was the entire meal. Little did we know, this was only the 1st course! I’m sure the waiters were thinking the stereotypical “Jeeze, these Americans can eat!” We just barely made it through the pasta and desert courses. Combine this with their excellent house wine and limoncello and we were ready for a nap! The meal and experience was so good that Gianluca made us reservations to come back again on Friday night!

La Tagliata

Positano Vespa Fattoria La Tagliata

La Tagliata

Last stop of the day…  our apartment, Palazzo Margherita. Hands down, the best view I’ve ever had in a hotel. We even popped a bottle of champagne and toasted to the fabulous view.

Palazzo Margherita Positano View

It was over 400 stairs from our apartment down to the beach in Positano. Once we had regained our energy from the Thanksgiving-sized lunch we ate, we made the journey down and ate an easy dinner of  yummy pizza.


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