Day trip to Capri – Our holiday in Southern Italy

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Capri Faraglioni

Kelley and dad took a quick morning stroll to the market for some groceries and we enjoyed a gourmet breakfast of bacon and eggs at the apartment. We decided to take a guided tour from Positano to the island of Capri with Blue Star Boat Tours. I think we would all agree that it was worth it to pay the few extra Euros to go this route rather than pay for the Ferry. The boat we went out on was quite luxurious and there were only 2 other couples on board with us.

Blue Star Capri
Our captain, Pepe, was most entertaining. As we neared Capri, we got our first glimpse of the iconic Faraglioni rocks. Legend says that couples who kiss as they pass through the Faraglioni rocks will stay together forever. Right as we approached the rocks, Pepe turned on “Unchained Melody” from the movie Ghost to really set the mood. 🙂

Faraglioni Rocks CapriCapri
It was an overcast day so we were worried that our stop at the Blue Grotto may have been a waste of time and money but we were pleasantly surprised! The Blue Grotto sea caves were known by the Romans, and apparently used by the Emperor Tiberius during the years when he retired to Capri. Sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates the bright blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. When we neared the cave’s entrance, we had to exit our larger boat and board a much smaller row boat. We paid our 13Euros entrance fee and in we went!  The hole to the cave was just big enough for one row boat at a time and entrance had to be timed with the waves in order to safely make it through. Once inside, the glowing electric blue color was spectacular. And the rowers were singing Italian tunes at the top of their lungs to add to the already amazing atmosphere.

Blue GrottoBlue Grotto Capri Italy
Pepe told us that the wait to enter the Blue Grotto in the summer can occasionally be up to 2 hours long with 1000 people so we were thankful to go straight in! We then rode to the main port of Capri where the boats dock. We were only given 4 hours to explore so we had to make good use of our time. We attempted to rent scooters but were turned down  and told that they would be too dangerous for us since we didn’t ride in Italian traffic on scooters every day. So instead, we took the funicular up to the main city centre of Capri and then took a convertible taxi to Anacapri.

FunicularCapriTaxi Capri to Anacapri
Once in Anacapri, we rode the chair lift to the top of Mount Solaro. Not going to lie… this was a bit scary!

Mount Solaro Chair liftMount Solaro View
We ate lunch in Anacapri, took the very crowded bus back to Capri and walked through the beautiful Gardens of Augustus.

Garden in CapriCapri Wolf Pack
After enjoying a quick gelato, we made our way back to Pepe and our boat. Before reaching Positano, he stopped the boat and let us all enjoy some of his homemade limoncello. Maybe too much! We finished the day with a fabulous dinner at Buca di Bacco in Positano.

Buca di Bacco Positano at night

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2 Comments on “Day trip to Capri – Our holiday in Southern Italy”

  1. Your pictures look awesome!!!! Can I ask you how much the capri tour with the Blue Star Boat Tour company cost? How long was the tour? and did you need to buy it in advance? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Alejandra!
      The tour we booked was €60 per person. The boat holds up to 12 people but we were lucky because there were only 8 of us! A few more notes about the tour:
      – Start: 9:00 am – Return: 5:30 pm
      – Snack, soft drinks, Coke and beer included for the day, towels and shower/toilet on board
      – Tour from Positano to Capri Island – trip around the beautiful island – stop for swimming and snorkeling (masks on board for free) – visit of all important grottos (stop Blue Grotto: + €13 per person extra – if you do not want to do it, you just wait on board) – stop at the port of Capri: 3.5 hours on the Island to explore by yourself – on the way back to Positano, stop for swimming.

      You can also arrange for a private boat tour for €690-€850 for the entire day depending on which boat you choose.

      I would definitely book in advance just to make sure you have a spot!

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

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