Day trip to Sorrento – Our holiday in Southern Italy

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Giardini di Catlado

Today’s itinerary: A food tour in Sorrento! Positano ViewSorrento Food Tour
We took the local SITA bus from Positano to Sorrento. What a journey… We were hanging off the side of the Amalfi Coast, it was crowded, hot and let’s just say those buses weren’t up to Swiss cleanliness standards. The food tour began in the Palazzo Tasso in the center of Sorrento. Our guide, Tamare, took us to 8 different locations to try the local specialities. This included pastries, orangelini appetizers, paninis, limoncello, limonbaba (soaked spongecake), lemon icecream, cheese, salami, beer, gnocci, caprese salad, AND gelato! Find more information about the Sorrento Food Tour on their website here.

Sorrento Food TourGiardini di CatladoGiardini di Catlado  Gelato in Sorrento
The tour ended overlooking the manmade beaches in Naples Bay. We shopped in a few shops where mom bought a beautiful cameo ring, and we eventually hopped on the bus back to Positano.

Beach in Sorrento
After a quick afternoon nap,  we were picked up by the shuttle service to go back to Fattoria de Tagilata for dinner. Our driver, Gianluca, had made reservations for us 2 days previously and they definitely gave us the best seat in the house right next to a balcony with plenty of space! Immediately, wine and appetizers filled the table. Followed by more appetizers, bread, pastas and then an entire platter of meat! None of us expected the meat tray since we didn’t have it at lunch so at that point we were about to bust at the seams! Lamb, veal, steak, rabbit, porc, chicken… whew!  THEN the dessert platter! Gianluca joined us right before the pastas arrived and we definitely enjoyed his company! To top it off, there was live music to make the night even more memorable.

Dinner Positano Dinner Positano


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