Naples, Italy – Our holiday in Southern Italy

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Naples Street

DAY 7:
We reluctantly packed our bags and left our wonderful apartment in Positano. Our driver picked us up at 9:00 and we headed towards Naples. He briefly dropped us at the hotel so we could leave our bags and then he took us to the Archaeological Museum near the city centre. If we thought Rome traffic was bad, we hadn’t seen anything until we arrived in Naples. It was insane. Vespas riding 3-deep with a toddler in the front zipping through traffic, running red lights and dodging pedestrians. It was the loudest,  most crowded and dirtiest city I’d ever seen. With over 30 percent of people unemployed, many resort to pickpocketing (which we experienced firsthand leaving the Naples airport).
We toured the Archaeological Museum and saw beautiful mosaics and sculptures which were saved from the ash in Heraculeum and Pompeii.Naples Archaeological Museum Naples Archaeological Museum
We attempted to eat at Da Michele (the most famous pizzeria in Naples due to the movie Eat, Pray, Love) but it was so crowded that we ended up at the Trianon de Ciro Pizzeria right around the corner. Both supposedly ‘invented’ pizza, so we figured we couldn’t go wrong with either choice! We ate upstairs and they quickly brought us out our 4 gigantic wood-fired pizzas. Our review: It was good pizza, but at the end of the day, we like our American Mellow Mushroom and Papa John’s! A Naples local would probably arrest us for saying such blasphemous things! We ventured into the narrow streets of the old city centre. It’s a loud, crowded place full of emotion. We couldn’t be certain if people were fighting or just having an everyday conversation, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Using good ol’ Tripadvisor we tracked down a nearby highly-rated restaurant for dinner, Antica Trattoria e Pizzeria Da Donato. Unfortunately, we had no reservations and the restaurant was full for the night. We told the owner how disappointed we were that we wouldn’t be able to eat there and “POOF”, she had us a table as long as we were able to eat in an hour and a half. We thought “yes, we’re American and that’s PLENTY of time!” The evening  and trip wouldn’t have been complete without one last gelato… 

Gelato Naples
This trip just went too fast! Until next time Wolfpack!


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