Climbing Pic Chaussy

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Pic Chaussy from Leysin

Climbing Pic Chaussy has been on our “To-Do” list for quite some time. It’s visible from most of Leysin and I had always wondered what Leysin would look like standing atop the peak. We rallied up our good friends Aaron and Gabriela and decided it was the perfect Saturday for such a trek. Using the handy Swiss Mobility site, we found our starting point in Les Mosses. The roundtrip hike took around 3 hours and the view at the peak was well worth it! Here a few photos from the day:

Lac Lioson
They crack me up.

Lac Lioson Lac Lioson Pic Chaussy hike Panoramic Pic Chaussy Diablerets, Switzerland
Leysin is right above our heads on the large green plateau.

On top of Pic Chaussy



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