Day 4&5: Our Moroccan Adventure – Marrakech

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Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco – Big Square, Big Square??

We had originally made plans for dunebuggying on this morning but we opted out since we had already spent too much money. My cough had also only gotten worse and with there being no CVS around the corner to buy some meds, we went to the local Berber pharmacy. The Berber “doctor” asked what my symptoms were and proceeded to give me a tiny splinter of raw menthol in a cup of mint tea. He advised me to close my eyes when I sipped, which I assumed to be some additional hocus pocus, but I quickly realized this was very important! That tiny speck of menthol was enough to severely burn your eyes and take your breath away if you weren’t ready. But boy did it work! My cough immediately subsided and we purchased a tiny jar of our “crystal meth” on the spot.

Clock Cafe Marrakech, MoroccoThe Marrakech Souk

The Moroccan dump truck.

Marrakech Souk

Don’t get run over in the souk!

Moped in the souk in Marrakech

The beautiful Koutoubia Mosque in the center of Marrakech.

Koutoubia Mosque in MarrakechKoutoubia Mosque

I believe this is one of the gates to the King’s several palaces…

Entrance to the King's Palace in Marrakech  Tuktuk inside the SoukStop!

We walked to the most southern point inside the medina to track down the Clock Cafe which sold camel burgers. And it was pretty dang good!  You can also take cooking classes here if you please.

Clock Cafe Marrakech, Morocco ClockCamelBurger_ClockMarrakech Souk inside the Medina

We then walked outside of the city wall which was a nice break from the chaotic alley streets inside of the medina.

CityWallsOutside of the Medina in Marrakech

While reading about Marrakech, I had come across the Ensemble Artisinal Market  which sold Moroccan items at a flat rate with no haggling. If we were able to do one thing over on this trip, it would have been to go here FIRST! Going on the 3rd day after rugs and purses had already been purchased was too late. We realized we spent nearly 3times as much as we should have on everything we had bought. It was sickening. And a learning experience for sure! To keep things simple, we ate dinner at the riad and we had the entire dining area to ourselves. For our meal, the chef brought us the most delicious kefta tagine made with fried eggs and meat balls. The fabulous food combined with the toasty fire and bottles of wine, made for a very romantic evening, despite my coughing!

Riad Matham Marrakech Morocco Riad Matham Marrakech Morocco

Day 5: Regretting not having bought one particular gift,  we walked all the way back across the city to the Ensemble Artisinal Market. Before catching our taxi ride to the airport we stopped at the beautiful Cyberpark for some sun. What a little oasis in this crazy city!

CyberParkCyber Park Marrakech, Morocco




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