DIY Painted Tile

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DIY Painted tile backsplash

This painted tile project really made a difference in our tiny apartment. I’m sure our beige Swiss tiles were all the rage in 1972 but I couldn’t be happier that they’re now WHITE!

If you’re interested in doing a similar project, then read below for instructions!

  • Ammonia
  • Old washcloth
  • 400/600 grit wet/dry sandpaper
  • A respirator, safety glasses, and gloves
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Foam brush
  • Foam roller
  • Paint tray and liners
  • Depending on your location:

DIY painted tile


1. Give your tile a nice wiping down to get all of the visible grime off.
2. With a respirator mask (this stuff will knock you out!) and gloves on and the windows open, pour a bit of ammonia onto your washcloth and begin scrubbing those tiles. This is quite the workout. You need them to be squeaky clean before continuing to the next step.


3. Either by hand or with an electric sander, begin sanding all of the tile. This will take the gloss coating of the tiles off and will allow the paint to properly adhere.

DIY Paint your backsplash tile

4. After sanding, wipe the tile down to remove all dust.
5. Using your preferred paint tape, tape off all of the tile. We placed the tape outside of the caulk. (Others do not recommend painting the caulk, but it’s been 7 months and no problems!)
6. We also taped scrap magazine pages on the countertop to ensure no dripping occurred.


7. Using your paint tray, pour a little of the paint inside, and begin rolling! We recommend a small foam roller to avoid dripping. If you use a roller with a thicker nap, too much paint will be applied and it will begin dripping 30 minutes after you begin (this happened to us!). So use a FOAM roller! If there are some tight spots which your roller won’t fit in, then use a foam brush to fill in. I would also recommend using gloves while painting because this paint is oil based and will not come off easily!

DIY Painted TileDIY Painted Tile 
8. Wait one hour and put another coat of paint on.
9. Remove paint tape while the paint is still wet.
10. Let this dry and set for a solid 3 days before touching.
11. Voila! White, beautiful tiles!

DIY Painted tile backsplash

DIY Painted tile backsplash
DIY Painted tile backsplash



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