Swiss Désalpe Festivals

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Swiss Désalpe Festivals

“FALL is coming” (said in my best Ned Stark impression). And you know it’s coming because cows adorned with flower arrangements the size of small Christmas trees will begin to make their way down from their high Alpine pastures towards lower and warmer ground. We’ve been to various types of festivals in Switzerland (Christmas festivals, wine festivals, chestnut festivals, cheese festivals) and the Swiss Désalpe Festivals take the cake. I absolutely love them. There’s just something about the combination of cows, flowers, bells & cheese that I can’t get enough of.

The “Désalpe” (French) or  Alpabfahrt (German) occurs in many villages throughout Switzerland in September and early October. The Alpine farmers and their families dress in traditional costumes and parade their cows, sheep and goats triumphantly through their village. It’s a homecoming dance. For farm animals. And the festival wouldn’t be complete without yodelers, alphorn blowers and Swiss flag wavers showing off their skills.

You can find a complete list of the Swiss Désalpe Festivals here.

Here are a few photos from the festivals we attended this Fall.

L’Etivaz Swiss Désalpe Festival

Swiss Desalpes FestivalSwiss Desalpes FestivalSwiss Desalpes FestivalSwiss Desalpes Festival

Gstaad Swiss Désalpe Festival

Swiss Desalpes Festival Swiss Desalpe Festival
Gstaad photos by Avery Mcgill

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