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Where to eat in Copenhagen - Copenhagen Street Food

We were only in Copenhagen for 4 days, but boy did we have some really good food! Copenhagen is an expensive city, very comparable to Switzerland, but the quality of food for the price was much better. I only wish we had more time to do more eating! Here are a few of our suggestions on where to eat in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen Street Food

We ate here twice during our stay and we honestly could have eaten every meal here. There were so many foods I wanted to try! Copenhagen Street Food consists of over 35 international food stalls to choose from and most meals will run you 50-75KR ($8-$10). It sits on Paper Island in the harbor so to get here you either have to  take a ferry boat from Nyhavn (the most famous & colorful 17th-century waterfront street) across the inner harbor or ride a bus through Christianshavn.

Copenhagen Street FoodWhere to eat in Copenhagen - Copenhagen Street FoodCopenhagen Street FoodCopenhagen Street Food

First time trying a duck sandwich and it won’t be the last! It was fabulous!

Copenhagen Street FoodCopenhagen Street Food Copenhagen Street Food

The berry cheesecake from this place = Delicious!

Copenhagen Street Food

If it’s sunny, grab a cold Carlsberg, sit outside with the locals and soak it up!

Copenhagen Street Food

Halifax Burger

This place was a bit pricier compared to the street food, but it was SO good! The restaurant had a great vibe from the artsy design of the menus to the modern, rustic decor of the interior. Some may call it a “hipster” setting. We paid about 130KR ($15) for our burgers and fries. We dined at the Trianglen location but there are several other locations throughout Copenhagen. Check out their website here.

Halifax Burger CopenhagenHalifax Burger Copenhagen
Halifax Burger Photos by It’s raining foxes and flamingos


All ice creams and waffles at Vaffelbageren are home-made each morning. Absolutely fabulous treat on a sunny afternoon and the location on Nyhavn makes it that much better. Average price for 2 scoops is 35KR. Add whipped cream, jam or a chocolate covered marshmallow to top it off!



If you’re wanting to try one of the famous smørrebrød (Danish open sandwiches) and not break the bank, Domhusets was great. We paid roughly 15KR ($2) per sandwich rather than the 70-80KR ($9-10) that the sit-down restaurants charge. We sat outside at their one little table and enjoyed fried fish, pulled duck and chicken smørrebrød. Two filled me right up.   It’s right off of the main shopping street (Frederiksberggade) so it’s a perfect lunch stop for a day of shopping.


And if you’re in need of a definition of a smørrebrød , here ya go:

“An open sandwich consisting of rye bread topped with various ‘fillings’, generally complemented with herbs, vegetables or salad. The bread, or Rugbrød, is sourdough rye and is usually buttered to stop the toppings seeping through. There are endless combinations of toppings from meatballs to caviar and they usually consist of cold cuts, meats or cheeses, along with various spreads, pastes and condiments such as mayonnaise.”

A few extras

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to visit a few other places that our tour guide recommended. But if you’re in the area, try one of these spots too…
Mother – An Italian joint in the Meatpacking district (Kødbyen) which is worth a visit even if you’re not eating!
Ma Poule – Apparantly, you just HAVE to try the duck sandwich!
The Coffee Collective – “Best coffee in town.” See for yourself!

Let us know your preference on where to eat in Copenhagen!

And if you’re thinking of doing a walking tour, which we would highly recommend to begin your trip, check out our experience with Guided Tours Copenhagen!




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