Overview of our Honeymoon Trip to Asia and Oceania

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Looking back on our honeymoon trip to Asia and Oceania, I’m left with one question: “How can we quit our jobs and just travel the rest of our lives?” Well, I don’t have the answer to that, but I at least want to recap our adventure if for no other reason than to relive it once more!

Planning the trip

Planning for this trip started about a year in advance. Rather than registering for wedding gifts at various stores, we decided instead to register for a Honeyfund. This helped TREMENDOUSLY in funding the dream trip I was hoping for.

We first picked the countries we knew without a doubt that we wanted to see: Thailand and New Zealand. We have friends living in both countries and there’s no better way to experience a new place than with someone who actually lives there! I then spent hours and HOURS contemplating the various options for flights. It ended up looking something like this:

Honeymoon Trip to Asia and Oceania

This breaks down to:

  • Geneva to Istanbul (4 hour layover) to Bangkok (Turkish Airlines)
  • Bangkok to Sukothai (Bangkok Airways)
  • Sukothai to Chiang Mai (Private Driver)
  • Chiang Mai to Phuket (AirAsia)
  • Phuket to Sydney (Jetstar)
  • Sydney to Queenstown (Jetstar)
  • Queenstown to Sydney (Jetstar)
  • Sydney to Bali (AirAsia)
  • Bali to Bangkok (AirAsia)
  • Bangkok to Istanbul (1 day layover) to Geneva (Turkish Airlines)

Why such a crazy itinerary? Well, in a nutshell, it was cheaper. Breaking the trip up into smaller legs allowed us add a few destinations in (Bali, Sydney, Istanbul) for a couple days each and made the overall cost much lower.

Once we had the flights booked, I started in with the smaller details of what to do and where to stay. And while I may be using the word “I”, I did consult with Kelley along the way since it was OUR honeymoon. But I love travel planning and I don’t think he minds me wearing the travel agent pants. ūüôā

Day by Day Itinerary

Here’s what our final itinerary looked like (literally):

Honeymoon Trip to Asia and Oceania

Yes, I made it into a booklet. I feel like that was required as a graphic designer. But it’s a kind of like a souvenir now, right? Yes. Need one for your upcoming trip? Contact me and I’ll gladly assist!

Honeymoon Trip to Asia and Oceania

But here’s what was IN the itinerary:

  • Day 14 –¬†Sydney, Australia: Coogee Beach
  • Day 15 –¬†Sydney, Australia: Featherdale Wildlife Park ¬†| ¬†Pub Crawl
  • Day 16 –¬†Sydney, Australia:
    Coogee Beach ¬†| ¬†New Year’s Eve!
  • Day 17 –¬†Sydney, Australia: Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach Walk
New Zealand
  • Day 18 –¬†Fly from Sydney to Queenstown, New Zealand ¬†| ¬†Drive to Wanaka
  • Day 19 –¬†Wanaka, New Zealand
  • Day 20 –¬†Drive from Wanaka to Franz Josef Glacier
  • Day 21 –¬†Drive from Franz Josef over Arthur’s Pass to¬†Christchurch
  • Day 22 –¬†Drive from Christchurch to Fairlie ¬†| ¬†Lake Tekapo
  • Day 23 –¬†Drive from Fairlie to Wanaka
  • Day 24 –¬†Drive from Wanaka to Te Anau
  • Day 25 –¬†Drive from to Te Anau to Milford Sound ¬†| ¬†Boat tour of Milford Sound ¬†| ¬†Drive to Queenstown
Sydney, Bali, Istanbul, Geneva
  • Day 26 –¬†Fly from¬†Queenstown to Sydney, Australia
  • Day 27 –¬†Fly from¬†Sydney to Densapar, Bali
  • Day 28 –¬†Fly from Bali to Bangkok
  • Day 29 –¬†Fly from Bangkok to Istanbul
  • Day 30 –¬†Fly from Istanbul to Geneva, Switzerland ¬†| ¬†HOME!

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