Riad Matham – Marrakech, Morocco

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Riad Matham Marrakech

While in Marrakech, we stayed in a fabulous little riad called Riad Matham. It was inside the medina (the old city walls) and just a 5 minute walk to enter the souk. We highly recommend this little gem and for the price (we paid roughly $65 a night in low season), it just doesn’t get much better! Because the riad was not located on a car accessible road, the owner met us at our taxi … Read More

Day 4&5: Our Moroccan Adventure – Marrakech

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Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech

We had originally made plans for dunebuggying on this morning but we opted out since we had already spent too much money. My cough had also only gotten worse and with there being no CVS around the corner to buy some meds, we went to the local Berber pharmacy. The Berber “doctor” asked what my symptoms were and proceeded to give me a tiny splinter of raw menthol in a cup of mint tea. He advised … Read More

Day 3: Our Moroccan Adventure – Essaouira

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Essaouira, Morocco Boats

It’s official now that I’m allergic to camel hair! The blanket on the bed kept us incredibly warm but whew, that camel hair had my allergies kickin! And then I started coughing too… The poor other people in our riad probably heard me all night. Whoops. Today’s outing was planned for Essaouria out on the coast of Morocco. Our guide, Hassan, from the day before picked us up and we started our 3-hour drive west. … Read More

Day 2: Our Moroccan Adventure – Imlil

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Imlil Donkey

The 5am call to prayer was quite the unexpected wakeup call. We quickly learned that every mosque throughout the city played this call to prayer five times a day through their loudspeakers. And if you were out of earshot of the speakers, you would hear various phone alarms going off at the same time with that same exotic sound as a reminder to pray. We enjoyed a nice Moroccan breakfast at our riad complete with Crepes … Read More

Day 1: Our Moroccan Adventure – Marrakech

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Ben Youssef Madrasa

We arrived in Marrakech, Morocco at 12:15pm. Another continent and country crossed off of our long list! After making it through immigration, we exchanged our Swiss francs for Moroccan dirhams and walked out into the arrivals hall to meet our driver which the riad (our Moroccan hotel) had scheduled. I was told to look for the sign with the name of our Riad. Immediately, I spotted a man holding a sign with my name. No doubt … Read More