Food Tour with Private Tours of Venice

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Food tour with Private Tours of Venice

Before arriving in Venice, I searched endlessly online for a food tour for us to go on. I really enjoy these tours because not only do you get hear the city’s history and try the unique food of the region, but you also get a behind the scenes look at those “local” spots that aren’t crawling with tourists.  And then you know exactly where to go out to eat for the rest of the trip! Unfortunately, … Read More

Exploring Venice, Italy

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Exploring Venice, Italy

The first thing you should know about Venice: You will get lost. And once you accept that, you can relax! If you have to be somewhere on time, you should leave at least 30 minutes earlier that you think. The streets are medieval and were built with no rhyme or reason and just when you think you’re headed in the right direction.. dead end. The signage throughout the city isn’t exactly consistent so I wouldn’t rely … Read More

Exploring Murano, Italy

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Exploring Murano, Italy

When we began planning our Easter weekend trip to Venice, a friend of ours suggested staying in Murano to get more of a “real” experience. So, as I always do, I instantly consulted with AirBnB to weigh our options. Turns out (it shouldn’t have been a surprise) that it’s ridiculously expensive to stay in Venice, so Murano was the obvious place to look next. We came across the perfect apartment, The Prestige House, in the … Read More

Colorful Houses of Burano, Italy

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Colorful houses of Burano, Italy

We almost didn’t take the 40 minute ferry trip from Murano to Burano but I’m SO glad we did! (Timetable for the ACTV ferry here.) After visiting, I just had to know the story behind the colorful houses of Burano, Italy. According to The Huffington Post “The houses on Burano follow a special color pattern, dating to the island’s “golden age” when it was first becoming developed. If you live on Burano and wish to paint … Read More

Naples, Italy – Our holiday in Southern Italy

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Naples Street

DAY 7: We reluctantly packed our bags and left our wonderful apartment in Positano. Our driver picked us up at 9:00 and we headed towards Naples. He briefly dropped us at the hotel so we could leave our bags and then he took us to the Archaeological Museum near the city centre. If we thought Rome traffic was bad, we hadn’t seen anything until we arrived in Naples. It was insane. Vespas riding 3-deep with a toddler … Read More

Day trip to Sorrento – Our holiday in Southern Italy

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Giardini di Catlado

DAY 6 Today’s itinerary: A food tour in Sorrento!  We took the local SITA bus from Positano to Sorrento. What a journey… We were hanging off the side of the Amalfi Coast, it was crowded, hot and let’s just say those buses weren’t up to Swiss cleanliness standards. The food tour began in the Palazzo Tasso in the center of Sorrento. Our guide, Tamare, took us to 8 different locations to try the local specialities. This … Read More

Day trip to Capri – Our holiday in Southern Italy

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Capri Faraglioni

DAY 5 Kelley and dad took a quick morning stroll to the market for some groceries and we enjoyed a gourmet breakfast of bacon and eggs at the apartment. We decided to take a guided tour from Positano to the island of Capri with Blue Star Boat Tours. I think we would all agree that it was worth it to pay the few extra Euros to go this route rather than pay for the Ferry. The boat … Read More

The Amalfi Coast – Our Holiday in Southern Italy

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Ravello Italy

DAY 4 Our charming driver, Gianluca, picked us up in Pompeii at 9am. We drove over the Sorrento Peninsula towards the far (Eastern) end of the Amalfi coast and made our first stop in Ravello, home of the Villa Rufolo. Chances are, if you’ve seen a picture of the Amalfi Coast, it was most likely taken there! The little town was surprisingly quiet. We walked through the square, admired the extremely expensive pottery (which apparently Oprah … Read More