Pompeii, Italy – Our Holiday in Southern Italy

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Pompeii Ruins

DAY 3 We left Rome on the fast train to Naples. And boy was I glad that the 2nd class seats were sold out! I could get used to those luxurious 1st class seats! Our driver, Giovanni, picked us up at the Naples train station and drove us to Mount Vesuvius. In 79 AD, this volcano erupted, destroying most everything surrounding it including the famous city of Pompeii. We made the 45 minute trek to … Read More

Rome, Italy – Our Holiday in Southern Italy

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DAY 1: It’s amazing how you can board an airplane in Europe, take a one hour flight, and land in a completely different world. We left the orderly, conservative and absurdly expensive city of Geneva and landed in the chaotic, loud and spectacular city of Rome, Italy. Oh how I love this city!  My parents arrived earlier in the day from Atlanta and we met up at our apartment (we found it here on AirBnB), which was … Read More