Girl’s Weekend in Chamonix, France

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Weekend in Chamonix, France

Our girl’s weekend in Chamonix, France was a blast. The 11 of us packed up a school van and took off on Friday afternoon towards the French Alps. LeighAnn, our wonderful trip organizer, found the best apartment right for us off of the main pedestrian street in downtown Chamonix. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that! We were within walking distance to all of the shopping, eating, drinking and skiing that our hearts desired. … Read More

Our night in an Igloo – Kemmeriboden Bad, Switzerland

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Kemmeriboden Bad Igloo

We were recently given an amazing engagement gift… a night in an igloo! On Friday afternoon, we drove to Kemmeriboden (website here), Switzerland, north of Interlaken. It was about a three hour drive from Leysin and this place couldn’t have been more in the middle of nowhere! But what a wonderful experience! A few details of the night are below: The bridge leading into the Inn… Isn’t it quaint!? The house and farm were built … Read More

Swiss Engagement Photos in Leysin

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We may have been a little late with our Swiss engagement photos, but ‘better late than never’ right? Our very kind and talented neighbor, LeighAnn (visit her site here!), offered up her services and we’re stoked with the results! We used our village, Leysin, as the backdrop and we caught it right before all of the snow melted! In 30 years, when we’re gray and in our rocking chairs on the front porch, I will … Read More

Winter in Leysin, Switzerland

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Winter in Leysin, Switzerland

This winter in Leysin has been like a Will Ferrell movie: Not exactly fabulous, but a few moments of absolute greatness. Until Christmas, there was practically no snow down in the village and only man-made snow at the top of the mountain. (We were still mountain biking up until November 27th!) On December 27th, we were finally able to break out pawpaw’s “blizzerator” (a super-duper snow broom scraper contraption for the car) which he got us … Read More

Weekend Getaway to Annecy, France

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Palais de l'ile Annecy

Located north of the French Alps, Annecy is known as the “Venice” of France. Small canals and streams branching out of Lake Annecy run thru this medieval town making it absolutely adorable! The only thing missing are the gondolas! When we finally had a free weekend, we booked our hotel (Hotel Allobroges) and we were on the road! It’s only a short 2 hour drive from Leysin so there’s no excuse for us not to … Read More

Climbing Pic Chaussy

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Pic Chaussy from Leysin

Climbing Pic Chaussy has been on our “To-Do” list for quite some time. It’s visible from most of Leysin and I had always wondered what Leysin would look like standing atop the peak. We rallied up our good friends Aaron and Gabriela and decided it was the perfect Saturday for such a trek. Using the handy Swiss Mobility site, we found our starting point in Les Mosses. The roundtrip hike took around 3 hours and … Read More

Naples, Italy – Our holiday in Southern Italy

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Naples Street

DAY 7: We reluctantly packed our bags and left our wonderful apartment in Positano. Our driver picked us up at 9:00 and we headed towards Naples. He briefly dropped us at the hotel so we could leave our bags and then he took us to the Archaeological Museum near the city centre. If we thought Rome traffic was bad, we hadn’t seen anything until we arrived in Naples. It was insane. Vespas riding 3-deep with a toddler … Read More

Day trip to Sorrento – Our holiday in Southern Italy

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Giardini di Catlado

DAY 6 Today’s itinerary: A food tour in Sorrento!  We took the local SITA bus from Positano to Sorrento. What a journey… We were hanging off the side of the Amalfi Coast, it was crowded, hot and let’s just say those buses weren’t up to Swiss cleanliness standards. The food tour began in the Palazzo Tasso in the center of Sorrento. Our guide, Tamare, took us to 8 different locations to try the local specialities. This … Read More