Meet our little Angel

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On July 3rd, my sweet grandmother, Norma-Jean Taylor, passed away. On the morning of the visitation, my mom received a special visitor on the back porch. It returned the next day before the funeral and has continued to visit  every day for the past week. I can’t believe I was there to witness it when it first happened. Truly a miracle. Here’s the story straight from my mom: “This little “Angel” birdie (a young American … Read More

The flowers of Leysin

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Outside of the Florist
Since we arrived in Switzerland in May, I've been absolutely envious of the cascading geraniums that seem to accompany every balcony in town. The Swiss must be born with green thumbs. I wanted to do my part in beautifying our  little village so I purchased a variety of flowers for the patio. Well, almost 2 months later, I've nearly killed them all.  So this post is for all of the other beautiful flowers in Leysin (located ... Read More

Interlaken, Bern and Gruyères, Switzerland

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Aare River in Bern, Switzerland
Hooters, Bears & Aliens... Sounds like an eventful day to me! Our good friend, Wes, and his lovely friend, Brooke, invited us to come along on their day-long Swiss road trip. We peeled out of Leysin before lunch and headed towards our first stop of Interlaken. Now this town may be know for its insane adrenaline sports like canyoning and wingsuit flying, but our primary objective was far more exciting. Hooters. That's right, I said Hooters. ... Read More

We’re Baaaaaack – Leysin, Switzerland

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After a 30 hour journey from Atlanta, through Chicago, London and Geneva, we FINALLY reached Leysin! Not much has changed in this little village… actually, everything seems to be exactly the same. Even the cold weather. It was a good 85-90 degrees in Georgia when we left and right at freezing when we touched down in Switzerland. I did not pack accordingly! The first day of work looked a little like that photo above… Thankfully … Read More