Where to eat in Copenhagen

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Where to eat in Copenhagen - Copenhagen Street Food

We were only in Copenhagen for 4 days, but boy did we have some really good food! Copenhagen is an expensive city, very comparable to Switzerland, but the quality of food for the price was much better. I only wish we had more time to do more eating! Here are a few of our suggestions on where to eat in Copenhagen: We ate here twice during our stay and we honestly could have eaten every … Read More

Guided Tours Copenhagen

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Guided Tours Copenhagen - Nyhavn

Whenever we visit a new city we like to begin with a walking tour if possible. It helps give us the lay of the land, the history of the area and normally the tour guides recommend a few ‘local’ spots that are worth visiting. Our walking tour with Ben and Guided Tours Copenhagen was all of these things and more. I first read about Guided Tours Copenhagen on Tripadvisor. I was very impressed with the reviews … Read More

Exploring Venice, Italy

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Exploring Venice, Italy

The first thing you should know about Venice: You will get lost. And once you accept that, you can relax! If you have to be somewhere on time, you should leave at least 30 minutes earlier that you think. The streets are medieval and were built with no rhyme or reason and just when you think you’re headed in the right direction.. dead end. The signage throughout the city isn’t exactly consistent so I wouldn’t rely … Read More

Exploring Murano, Italy

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Exploring Murano, Italy

When we began planning our Easter weekend trip to Venice, a friend of ours suggested staying in Murano to get more of a “real” experience. So, as I always do, I instantly consulted with AirBnB to weigh our options. Turns out (it shouldn’t have been a surprise) that it’s ridiculously expensive to stay in Venice, so Murano was the obvious place to look next. We came across the perfect apartment, The Prestige House, in the … Read More

Weekend Getaway to Annecy, France

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Palais de l'ile Annecy

Located north of the French Alps, Annecy is known as the “Venice” of France. Small canals and streams branching out of Lake Annecy run thru this medieval town making it absolutely adorable! The only thing missing are the gondolas! When we finally had a free weekend, we booked our hotel (Hotel Allobroges) and we were on the road! It’s only a short 2 hour drive from Leysin so there’s no excuse for us not to … Read More