Our night in an Igloo – Kemmeriboden Bad, Switzerland

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Kemmeriboden Bad Igloo

We were recently given an amazing engagement gift… a night in an igloo! On Friday afternoon, we drove to Kemmeriboden (website here), Switzerland, north of Interlaken. It was about a three hour drive from Leysin and this place couldn’t have been more in the middle of nowhere! But what a wonderful experience! A few details of the night are below: The bridge leading into the Inn… Isn’t it quaint!? The house and farm were built … Read More

Swiss Engagement Photos in Leysin

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We may have been a little late with our Swiss engagement photos, but ‘better late than never’ right? Our very kind and talented neighbor, LeighAnn (visit her site here!), offered up her services and we’re stoked with the results! We used our village, Leysin, as the backdrop and we caught it right before all of the snow melted! In 30 years, when we’re gray and in our rocking chairs on the front porch, I will … Read More

Winter in Leysin, Switzerland

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Winter in Leysin, Switzerland

This winter in Leysin has been like a Will Ferrell movie: Not exactly fabulous, but a few moments of absolute greatness. Until Christmas, there was practically no snow down in the village and only man-made snow at the top of the mountain. (We were still mountain biking up until November 27th!) On December 27th, we were finally able to break out pawpaw’s “blizzerator” (a super-duper snow broom scraper contraption for the car) which he got us … Read More