Winter in Leysin, Switzerland

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Winter in Leysin, Switzerland

This winter in Leysin has been like a Will Ferrell movie: Not exactly fabulous, but a few moments of absolute greatness. Until Christmas, there was practically no snow down in the village and only man-made snow at the top of the mountain. (We were still mountain biking up until November 27th!) On December 27th, we were finally able to break out pawpaw’s “blizzerator” (a super-duper snow broom scraper contraption for the car) which he got us … Read More

Climbing Pic Chaussy

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Pic Chaussy from Leysin

Climbing Pic Chaussy has been on our “To-Do” list for quite some time. It’s visible from most of Leysin and I had always wondered what Leysin would look like standing atop the peak. We rallied up our good friends Aaron and Gabriela and decided it was the perfect Saturday for such a trek. Using the handy Swiss Mobility site, we found our starting point in Les Mosses. The roundtrip hike took around 3 hours and … Read More

Mountain Biking in Zermatt, Switzerland

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Just beautiful! Zermatt, Switzerland

To celebrate our good friend Avery’s birthday, we took off towards Zermatt, Switzerland early Saturday morning. Kelley grabbed this Coke at the gas station so it was bound to be a good day…. right? After parking in Tasch (Zermatt is a carless city), we took the train into Zermatt and another up to Gornergrat, the starting point for our MTB ride. Unfortunately, this downhill course was a little too advanced for my skill level as … Read More

Evian, France & Le Locle, Switzerland

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Audi TT 2000

It was an amazing weekend to say the least! We purchased a new car, drove to Evian, France for dinner, mountain biked 18 miles and 4100 feet of elevation gain AND got engaged. I think we were rather productive. 🙂 Here’s what it looked like from our end… First off… we got a new car! Well old, but new to us! We took her for a spin over to Evian, France. The sunset over Lake Geneva … Read More

Weekend getaway to Gelterkinden, Switzerland

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This past weekend, we visited our friends Aaron & Gabriela in their quaint little village of Gelterkinden in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. It was so nice to get off the mountain and have a change of scenery.  We jumped on the cog train in Leysin at 17:00 on Friday, and 4 hours and 5 trains later, we had made it to “Gelty.” Considering we were traveling with mountain bikes and gear, it wasn’t too bad … Read More

The flowers of Leysin

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Outside of the Florist
Since we arrived in Switzerland in May, I've been absolutely envious of the cascading geraniums that seem to accompany every balcony in town. The Swiss must be born with green thumbs. I wanted to do my part in beautifying our  little village so I purchased a variety of flowers for the patio. Well, almost 2 months later, I've nearly killed them all.  So this post is for all of the other beautiful flowers in Leysin (located ... Read More

Interlaken, Bern and Gruyères, Switzerland

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Aare River in Bern, Switzerland
Hooters, Bears & Aliens... Sounds like an eventful day to me! Our good friend, Wes, and his lovely friend, Brooke, invited us to come along on their day-long Swiss road trip. We peeled out of Leysin before lunch and headed towards our first stop of Interlaken. Now this town may be know for its insane adrenaline sports like canyoning and wingsuit flying, but our primary objective was far more exciting. Hooters. That's right, I said Hooters. ... Read More